While staying at the guesthouse, you can take a lovely stroll in the nearby walking areas: Jekerdal, St. Pietersberg, the Observant and Cannerbos.

Our neighbours:

The only terraced castle in the Netherlands, Château Neercanne, with its Baroque gardens and its unique wine cellars in the marl caves.

The wine domaines Hoeve Nekum and Apostelhoeve.

The small picturesque town of Kanne, with its marl quarries.

The Fort Eben Emael, a former Belgian fortress used during World War II.

About 3 kilometers from the house, you'll find the historic center of Maastricht. Enjoy its lovely, small cobblestone streets and beautiful shops, the modern Ceramique district, the MECC convention center and the Bonnefantenmuseum.

You can also take a tour to the nearby cities of Liège, Achen, Tongeren, Hasselt or enjoy the natural beauty of the South Limburg.

Chateau Neercanne

View over the river the Maas
View over the river the Maas

Cinema Lumière

Hiking area near the river the Jeker

Het Vrijthof in Maastricht

De hoeg brög over de Maas
De hoeg brög over de Maas